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About Hals

 Our little restaurant in Hals has the most wonderful view of the harbour. The old red houses and fishing vessels tell the story about times when the harbour was an operative fishing port. The pilot station at the end of the mole welcomes you at the entrance to Limfjorden, and it is still in very active operation due to the low waters and the traffic to the harbour in Aalborg. All day, the small ferry transports cars, bicycles and pedestrians across Limfjorden as a connecting link between Vendsyssel and Himmerland. A short trip with the ferry is pure nostalgia and enjoyable for both children and adults.

Hals surely has a lot to see and experience—remains of an old culture which are hard to find nowadays.

 Contact us at our telephone number: +45 75737371

About Miss Dot

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Miss Dot has been located at the harbour for 20 years and we have become true pancake experts. We bake sweet and healthy pancakes as well as small American pancakes on the big French crepe irons. We make all our food from scratch: we slice, knead and mix everything ourselves. We buy our ingredients and commodities from local suppliers and we pay much attention to sustainability. The restaurant also offers plant-based food which is gluten reduced and lactose free.

Special offers

We offer two-course menus from 149 DKK.

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More about plant based food

Vegan wrap with humus,avokado and pesto

Vegan wrap with humus,avokado and pesto